The effect of natural mineral biochar of Kouhbanan on Kermania pistaciella Amsel (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) on two pistachio cultivars
کد مقاله : 1048-11THCBIOCONTROL (R1)
محمد امین سمیع *
گروه گیاه پزشکی
چکیده مقاله:
The natural mineral biochar of Kouhbanan is a biological and environmentally friendly composition, the list of genomes in it has been registered in the NCBI system. The effect of biochar on Kermania pistaciella Amsel (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) was evaluated on two pistachio cultivars, Kalegochi and Fandoghi. Field studies on 40-year-old pistachio trees were carried out during three foliar sprays, including the winter fight, at the swelling stage of the buds, and the third time at the fruit formation stage. Pest tracking was done based the percentage of infected branches based on the number of counted pupae and the number of moth attracted to the pheromone trap. The number of moth caught by pheromone traps was checked from 11 March and 18 April (every 4 days). The percentage of infected branches in the control treatment on the Kalehghouchi and the Fandoghi variety was 24 and 39%, and in the Biochar treatment, it was determined to be 15 and 13.6%, respectively. Based on the number of captured moth by the pheromone trap, the peak time of full insect emergence was estimated on 4 March, and the number of moth attracted at this time was 674 and 308 for the control treatment on Kalegouchi and Fandoghi variety; 289 and 262 for the Biochar treatment respectively. Therefore, the formation of pupae (in both pistachio cultivars) in the control treatment was more than 2 times the number of counted in the biochar treatment. Also, biochar application reduced the pistachio twig moth population, especially in Kalehghouchi variety.
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Natural mineral biochar, Pistachio twig borer moth, Pheromone trap, Environmentally friendly, Pistachio cultivars
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