Population growth parameters of Amblyseius swirskii (Acari: Phytoseidae) at different temperatures
کد مقاله : 1098-11THCBIOCONTROL (R2)
فاطمه حمیدی مقدم *1، جهانشیر شاکرمی2، فرشته بازگیر3
1دانشگاه لرستان دانشکده کشاورزی و منابع طبیعی، شهر خرم آباد استان لرستان
2گروه گیاهپزشکی، دانشکده کشاورزی، دانشگاه لرستان، شهر خرم آباد، کشور ایران
3گروه گیاهپزشکی، دانشکده کشاورزی، دانشگاه لرستان، لرستان، ایران
چکیده مقاله:
The Phytophagous Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov & Nikolskii attack most of the agricultural and greenhouse crops. The predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii (Athias-Henriot) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) is classified as a member of type III generalist predators and it feeds on many insects, phytophagous mites, plant pollen, and plant exudates. In this study, the effect of five constant temperatures of 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35°C on the population growth parameters of this pest was studied at 65 ±5% relative humidity and a photoperiod of 16L: 8D hours. From the survivorship and fecundity at each constant temperature, net reproductive rate (R_0), intrinsic rate of increase (r), mean generation time (T) and, finite rate of increase (λ) were calculated. Through statistical analysis, differences in values of above mentioned parameters were tested for significant difference at examined temperatures by estimating variances through the jackknife procedure. According to the obtained results, the lowest and highest values of the intrinsic rate of increase were 0.060 ±0.005 at 15˚C and 0.165±0.018 at 30°C, respectively. The net reproductive rate (R_0) increased as the temperature increased from 15°C (9.4±1.464) to 20°C (10.2±1.571), then decreased at 35°C (6.56±1.329). The mean generation time decreased with increasing temperature and values were 33.943±0.627 , 25.607±0.431, 21.287±0.483, 12.398±0.231, and 11.827±0.193 at 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35˚C, respectively. Moreover, the values of finite rate of increase at tested temperatures were 1.068±0.005 , 1.094±0.007 , 1.105±0.009 , 1.179±0.021, And 1.172±0.021, respectively. The results of this research can be used for establishing integrated pest management (IPM) strategies against.
کلیدواژه ها:
Keywords: Amblyseius swirskii, population growth parameters, intrinsic rate of increase, net reproductive rate.
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