The effect of paraffin, bisabolol, and Aloe vera extract in combination with alcohol on eliminating mealybug
کد مقاله : 1100-11THCBIOCONTROL (R1)
محبوبه رحیمی *1، محمدصادق خلیلی2، فاطمه رحیمی3، معصومه رحیمی4
1گروه علوم باغبانی دانشکده کشاورزی دانشگاه تربیت مدرس تهران، تهران
2دانشکده مکانیک دانشگاه تهران. تهران. ایران
3گروه آموزشی علوم تربیتی دانشگاه مازندران. بابلسر. ایران
4گروه آموزشی علوم تربیتی دانشگاه پیام نور اصفهان واحد زرین شهر. زرین شهر. ایران
چکیده مقاله:
The mealybug (Pseudococcus spp.) feeds on the plant by creating wounds and sucking the sap, and it is often observed on the Kalanchoe blossfeldiana plant, which has fleshy and juicy leaves. This insect causes the growth of smoky fungus and the destruction of the plant and it dies in contact with alcohol. Alcohol is flammable and causes leaf burns and does not affect those mealybugs that are in the microscopic infant stage. The use of oils is economical and does not cause resistance in the insect. Suitable oils for pest control on plants are obtained from the distillation of crude oil and are mainly paraffinic and saturated hydrocarbons that do not cause plant irritation. Paraffin (odorless) destroys the pest by closing the respiratory pores. Aloe vera plant has polysaccharides, antioxidant substances, and salicylic acid, which reduces the damage caused by all types of stress. It also has amino acids that soften cells and lead to the activity of enzymes that reduce sunburn and inflammation. Bisabolol (C12H26O) is a natural compound and monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol with a pleasant aroma that enhances the penetration of other active ingredients. It is found in the essential oil of Matricaria chamomilla and other plants. The three mentioned substances, except for 70% alcohol are available in the health product of Firouz baby body oil made in Iran. The test results showed that the combination of these three substances (at the concentration used in shampoo) along with 70% alcohol spray has a significant effect on eliminating mealybugs.
کلیدواژه ها:
Alcohol, Aloe vera, Bisabolol, Kalanchoe, Mealybug, Paraffin
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