The first record of Oschieus tipulae (Lam and Webster, 1971) from Guilan province, Iran
کد مقاله : 1153-11THCBIOCONTROL (R2)
کیمیا کوهستانی *1، جواد کریمی2
1دانشگاه سراوان - دانشکده کشاورزی
2گروه گیاه پزشکی، دانشکده کشاورزی، دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد، مشهد، ایران
چکیده مقاله:
Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) are one of the effective biological control agents of insect pests. They have a cosmopolitan distribution and have been isolated in different habitats around the world. Currently, some species in the Rhabditidae family nematodes, specially Oscheius spp., have also some specifications considered EPNs. However, this genus is not used in biological control applications so far, but, potentially it can be used in the future. In this study, Oscheius tipulae isolates, FUM223 and FUM224, were recovered from soil samples collected from the Lonak waterfall and apple orchard, Guilan and Razavi Khorasan provinces, respectively. The molecular characterization using ITS region and phylogenetic analyses provided evidence for the classification of these isolates. Phylogenetic tree was generated with Bayesian inference method using MrBayes. The analysis under GTR+I+G model was initiated with a random starting tree and run with the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for 1 × 102 generations. Although, two collected populations of O. tipulae (FUM223 and FUM224 isolates) differed in geographic source, analysis of the ITS region showed 100% similarity with O. tipulae from China, Iran, and Italy. The results showed the FUM223 and FUM224 isolates forms a monophyletic group with other Oscheius tipulae isolates. However, this species was presented before from Iran in other provinces, but it was recorded for the first time from north of the country. Due to the diverse geographic and climatic conditions in Iran, increasing our knowledge about species diversity of insect parasitic and pathogenic nematodes lead to new insights for biological control programs.
کلیدواژه ها:
Biological Control Agents; Guilan Province; Northern Iran; Oscheius tipulae; Parasitic and Pathogenic Nematodes.
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