Identification of Resistance_Related Key Genes to Leptosphaeria maculans in Brassica napus using Bioinformatics Tools
کد مقاله : 1156-11THCBIOCONTROL
فاطمه جمهیری *1، هنگامه طاهری2
2هیات علمی گروه مهندسی تولید و ژنتیک گیاهی، دانشکده کشاورزی، دانشگاه علوم کشاورزی و منابع طبیعی خوزستان، ملاثانی، ایران
چکیده مقاله:
Backleg caused by the fungal pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans induces deep wounds in stems, resulting in over 50% reduction in seed yield. In this investigation, we employed bioinformatics methods to elucidate the response mechanisms of Brassica napus to L. Maculans infection based on transcriptome data provided in previous studies. The hub genes and their interactions in a subnetwork in B. napus infected by L. Maculans were obtained using the CytoHubba application. Analysis of ontology of hub subnetwork genes using the STRING web software ( revealed that the predominant terms in the(BP) were primarily associated with various biosynthetic processes and responses to biotic stresses, with a particular emphasis on fungal responses. In terms of(MF), identified terms predominantly relate to the activity of Catalytic Enzymes. These activities play a crucial role in regulating responses against pathogens.(KEGG) enrichment analysis highlighted the main activity of these genes in acids(ALA)and(LA) metabolism. Among the identified hub genes in response to this fungal infection, members of the Phloem Protein 2 family were recognized.These genes play a crucial role in(PBD).This protein resists pathogenic contamination due to its type of bonds, by creating fibrous structures, they play a crucial role in wound healing and preventing the entry of pathogenic agents. The analysis of cis-regulatory elements (CREs) in the promoter regions of the hob genes revealed that regulatory factors significantly enhance plant innate immunity by increasing transcription of genes responsible for pathogen response. The hob genes identified in this study have the potential for effective control of fungal infections in rapeseed.
کلیدواژه ها:
Gene Ontology ;KEGG,Promotor analysis ;Hub Genes;Leptosphaeria maculan
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